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Doghouse Jon and The Misbehavers: Bio

Doghouse Jon & The Misbehavers

"Doghouse" Jon Lackey - Vocals and Harmonica

“Doghouse” Jon Lackey has been part of the Minnesota music scene since the late 60's. Jon's father was a minister, and Jon’s passion for blues music was inspired by the gospel music that was performed frequently at his father's church. Jon got hooked on harmonica at an early age when he saw the "HarmoniCats" play.

Jon's touring experience with Minnesota's own Dust Bowl Blues Band has allowed him to perform at some of the top Midwest blues venues, including Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago. Doghouse Jon and The Misbehavers have opened for hot international touring blues acts including Otis Clay, Bryan Lee, Lamont Cranston, James Solberg, Canned Heat, Savoy Brown and Commander Cody.

Keni Joe Ewing - Drums

Keni Joe Ewing started playing the drums (pots and pans) when he was seven years old. The son of professional musicians, Joe and Vicki Price, Keni grew up surrounded by music, and was introduced to the Blues at a very young age. His influences also include country, R&B, rock and funk music. Keni lives in Decorah, Iowa, where he met Lew Klimesh and soon started playing music with him.

Lew Klimesh - Guitar and Vocals

Northeast Iowan Lew Klimesh was drawn into blues music by way of rock and roll at a young age. He began playing out in bars before he could legally drive a car. His journey has taken him to stages large and small, from backyard parties to music festivals and spots opening up for national touring acts across the Midwest. As a member of many bands over the years, he has been steeped in various styles of music. For the last decade, Lew has also been a luthier, repairing, restoring and building the stringed instruments that hold the focus of his artistic expression.

Tom "Chief" Kochie - Guitar and Vocals

Tom Kochie grew up in Rochester, MN and started playing guitar in the mid-1960's after his older brother showed him how to play Bill Doggett's “Honky Tonk”. Soon he showed off his new passion at the 4th grade talent show with a 2 song rendition of “Honky Tonk” and Ray Charles’ “What I Say”. A performer was born! Tom's teenage years were spent absorbing his sister's record collection and tuning in to Creedence Clearwater Revival, Santana, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Warm weather and college took Tom to Austin, TX. While there, he was reunited with the blues and his earliest influences, trading in his complete record collection to scrounge up money to explore the roots of blues. Tom was frequently caught at Antone's, trying to learn from the many blues legends performing there. Family and work brought Tom back to Rochester, where he continues to explore his passion for blues music and evangelize one of America's great art forms. Tom has been blessed with opportunities to play at Bayfront Blues Festival, the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, and Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago.

Mike Tappon - Bass

Mike Tappon grew up in NW Wisconsin and was hit hard by the 60’s British Invasion. By age 14 he was playing 3 nights a week in area bars as part of a blues rock band, with his parents acting as drivers and chaperones. He continued to play throughout high school and college, eventually taking a break from performing when he got a “real” job. After a few years he got the itch and, taking a leave of absence from his work, Mike went on the road for a year with a full-time classic rock band. After being reminded of both the highs and lows of being a full-time musician, Mike went back to the steady paycheck and medical benefits that his “real” job provided. As years passed and retirement approached, Mike picked up the bass again and started sitting in with Rochester area blues bands, eventually joining Doghouse Jon and the Misbehavers.